Florus complete garden design

2022 – Appreciating outside space

The Covid situation made many of us appreciate even more any outside space that we have and to try and improve it to suit our needs. In addition, there is a greater awareness of how much our gardens are important for the health of the planet. Working from home, travel restrictions and home schooling saw a need for change and for new additions to our outside space. We have seen a massive increase in outdoor kitchens/bar areas and covered social spaces, allowing our clients to bring family and friends together for entertaining and creating that holiday vibe which we have all missed.

An outdoor office is also on many people’s wish list and can be a real bonus, if like many, working from home has become more of a long-term prospect. Keeping home and work separate really helps with mental health and family life generally. Any garden building or outdoor kitchen impacts on the whole garden and how you use it.

Clients often know what they want but do not know how to bring all the elements together and that’s where we come in…